Club Info

Facility & Registration Info

You will be required to sign in to the TeamSnap site

In order to register you will need you Alberta Health Card number and Canadian Freestyle Ski Association (CFSA) Membership number.

Your member number can be found on the personal information tab once you have registered. It is referred to as the Athlete ID.

Online registration can be accessed through the following link(s):

CAFSC Member Benefits:

  • Wipe Out Ski and Bike – Red Deer 10-15% off
  • Skiiers – Edmonton 10% Hardgoods, 20% off Clothing
  • Varying discounts at all ski resorts in Alberta with a reciprocal agreement with Canyon Ski Resort Pass.

Parent/Athlete Tipes

Some potential tips for parents…

  • Be involved. The Freestyle Club is successful when parents are as engaged as their kids. Volunteering is critical to a strong Club.
  • Relax. Having your kids in the Freestyle Program means that qualified coaches help your skier progress gradually and safely through skills.
  • Ask Questions. There’s no such thing as a dumb one. All parents were new to the sport at one time – if you’re questioning any part of the program, just ask.
  • Support attendance. Regular consistent participation in the program allows athletes to develop and coaches to confidently support new skills. Make training and competition commitments a priority.
  • Share ideas. Chances are you have experience from other sports or community organizations. If you see a way our Club can be better, we’d love to hear your ideas. It’s your Club!
  • Tell a friend. Word of mouth is the number one way our Club recruits new members. If your athlete has a friend who shares a passion for skiing, encourage them to give Freestyle programs a try.
  • Ask for help. If you need help with driving to the hill, adjusting equipment or can’t make a competition, reach out to the club. Families all pitch in and take turns sharing the load.
  • Know and follow the Code of Conduct.

Some potential tips for athletes…

  • Trust your coach. Coaches are trained to help you take on new tricks and skills safely. Push yourself to do your best and follow your coaches direction for your training.
  • Step outside your comfort zone. By nature, Freestyle athletes typically like speed, tricks and challenges. If your Coach thinks you’re ready to progress, what’s holding you back?
  • Know your equipment. Taking care of your gear and making sure it is ready for the hill is your responsibility. Check your equipment prior to every use and show it a little TLC.
  • Ski 100% You’re only cheating yourself if you are distracted and uninterested at training. You’ll get out what you put in.
  • Show up. Regular and consistent attendance at on-hill, dry land, social and fundraising activities are all part of being a club member.
  • Show the love. From 8 year olds in Jumps and Bumps to 18 year olds on the competitive team, the CAFSC is a big freestyle family. Support each other.
  • Make us proud. Your attitude and interaction with others shows how great our club is. You are the face of CAFSC on and off the hill.
  • Know and follow the Code of Conduct.

Athlete Code of Conduct