Dryland programs focus on general fitness, core strength, flexibility, development and strengthening of ski specific muscle groups, agility and endurance. Athletes wanting to become serious competitors need to be fit and ready for the start of the season. Dryland training reduces the risk of injury while making freestyle skiing easier, safer, enabling athletes to reach their performance goals.
Competitive athletes are expected to participate in the dryland program.

Monday | 2017

5 pm to 6 pm

Ignite Fitness, Red Deer

Verify on Team Snap as the days do change

Wednesday | 2017

6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

2 Good,  Red Deer

Verify days via Team Snap schedule

No other dryland training



This program is also offered to all FreestylerZ athletes.

Dryland programs run from Oct 1-Nov 30 every year and include training at Ignite Fitness, Trampoline at 2Good.

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