Information on our 2017/2018 Winter Programs

FUNDAMENTALZ – Formerly Jumps + Bumps

Ages 6 -12

Requirements: Skis, Flexible Boots, Poles, Helmet

FUNdamentalz introduces freestyle terrain and skills in fun and safe progressions for entry level skiers. Saturday mornings are spent discovering new abilities on the slopes of Canyon Ski Resort in a program that is all about fun. FUNdamentalz is a Freestyle Canada grassroots developmental program, which focuses on allowing athletes to develop their basic freestyle ski skills. It also provides kids with the opportunities to learn and develop their all around ski skills, which are necessary for navigating runs on their own.

Our coaches are trained and passionate about developing well-rounded, confident skiers. Our goal is to show kids their potential and kindle a passion for the sport of freestyle skiing. Along with developing freestyle ski skills, athletes also learn to respect the terrain on which they train and the etiquette required when skiing. And yes, the rumours are true – there is definitely candy on the slopes.


  • There is flexibility within the 8-12 week session plans to adapt to varying skill levels of participants and weather conditions.
  • This program offers 1/2 day Saturday programs starting on December 9 and ending on March 3 or 10.
  • Program fee = $200 per child
  • Plus – 1 Bingo/Fundraising commitment ($200.00)

Minimum requirements for entry into Jumps and Bumps

  • be able to load and ride chairlift unassisted
  • be able to make small, medium and long round turns
  • be able to match skis (i.e. not remain in a snow plow) on a green run
  • be able to keep balance and link turns in small bumps and powder


  • 9 scheduled sessions, weather dependent, guaranteed 26 hour minimum
  • Certified coaching at Canyon Ski Resort, starting early December to late February
  • Saturday 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Program Objectives:

  • To provide young skiers with a FUN and challenging introduction to the FUNdamental skills of skiing and each of the disciplines of Freestyle;
  • To instill in young skiers an appreciation of the techniques of safe, enjoyable Freestyle skiing;
  • To measure skill development and reward the achievement of participants.



8 – 13+

Skiers acquire more advanced skiing skills and learn a variety of tricks and spins. Coaches are trained through the NCCP certified SUPERCOACH courses to develop skills in Slopestyle/Terrain Park * Tramp/Acrobatics * Halfpipe * Moguls * Skiing * Fitness.

Coaches plan their season to create optimal skill progression and to prepare for club and provincial (Timber Tour) competitions. Athletes and coaches use the Freestylerz Goal book to plan to accomplish personal skills goals. Athletes who master all of the skills in the Goal Book are prepared to succeed in national level events in the future. Coaches will create a Freestylerz report, and training recommendations for skiers at the end of the season.


  • This program is a 1.5 day program starting on December 9, ending approx March 24 +/-
  • Dry land training program from October – November included in program fee.
  • Program fee = $1000 per athlete
  • Plus Fundraising commitment of: 2 bingo commitment ($400 value) & Additional $200 fundraising commitment through various fundraising provided from our fundraising committee


Certified coaching at Canyon Ski Resort, start­ing early Jan­u­ary to late March

  • Saturday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
  • Wednesday 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
  • One Club Competition, date TBD
  • One big mountain day ski trip

Additional Costs

  • Canyon Ski Resort Lift Tickets
  • CFSA (Cana­dian Freestyle Ski Asso­ci­a­tion) Membership
  • Registration fee for Club Competition
  • Disbursement fees for Mountain trip, TBD



The Can Free TEAM Program will provide coaches with guidance to build a year-round training program for their athletes to improve their competitive readiness. While it is important to improve on competitive skills at this stage, competitive performance should only be an outcome. Engaging in the process of developing the skier as a well rounded athlete year-round is what will exude great performances. Increased training hours are needed at this stage to develop each athlete’s long-term potential but more importantly, this will give them the fundamentals needed to perform technical skills safely.
For more information, review the Team Program Scope and Planning Priorities.


The Can Free TEAM program is designed for Long Term Athlete Development, the Train to Train Stage, which is: Males 12yrs – 16yrs & Females 11yrs – 15yrs.

The Train to Train stage is one of the 2 most important stages of athletic preparation; the other stage is Learn to Train. We can make or break an athlete during these stages; it’s important we plan to succeed.


Coaches who are working with Train to Train Team athletes should be working on their Supercoach Certification and starting their CompDev Coach Program Training. The Comp Dev program will give the coach all of the in depth knowledge around developing athletes to prepare them for National level of events and introduction to International level events.


Athletes who need the Can Free TEAM Program training are usually doing the following level of Competitions:

  • Interprovincial Events
  • Nationals
  • Provincials
  • North American Competitions
  • Canada Winter Games

Our program will be a 2.5-3 day program starting December 8 or sooner until the end of March or last competition of the season which ever is later.

Dryland training program from October – November is included in the program fee.

Program fee = $2500 per athlete

Plus Fundraising Commitment of:
a) 4 bingo commitment ($800 value)
b) Additional $1200 fundraising commitment through various fundraising provided from our fundraising committee.

For athletes that are out of town and would like to train with CAFSC we have a drop in fee of $150 per day with this program.

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