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Central Alberta Freestyle

Maximise Supertramp and Progression Air Bag Camp 2018

Location: Maximise Supertramp and Progression Airbag Facility, Quebec, Canada

Dates: September 27th – October 1st 2018     

Who’s it for:
This camp is open to all athletes throughout Canada and beyond at the CanFree level. It is open to Slopestyle, Halfpipe and Mogul athletes.

What’s the facility suitable for:
The Super Tramp and Progression Airbag are perfect for learning all on-axis and single, double or even triple off-axis or inverted manoeuvres.

What’s included:

  • Four Nights accommodation on site
  • Food (Breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks)
  • Return transfer from Montreal airport
  • Return flights from Calgary or Vancouver to Montreal* (the price will be altered if other travel arrangements are required)
  • 6 hours of coaching per day with top coaches (Tramp and bag)
  • Dry-land and S&C training each afternoon/ evening
  • Small groups of six athletes per coach**


Costs: $1,960 per athlete.

For more information or to book onto this camp please contact Chris Mavin (CAFSC Head Coach) at phone 250-341-2386.

Abut the facility’s at Maximise



Designed by Max Hénault, this 15 foot trampoline is topped with a wood log and provides to the athletes the balance and consistency required for rail manoeuvres.


 These trampolines designed by Dave Ross, are the perfect cross training tool for Freestyle athletes to train their manoeuvres during off season.

Installed at ground level and surrounded by mattresses of 9 feet wide and 10 inches thick, this installation guarantees maximum safety.
Its bed allows a softer rebound and an exceptional height. Obtaining a vast number of repetitions, the movements are impregnated in the muscle memory of the athletes.
The super tramp is equipped with a camera system with delayed diffusion on a 50 inches flat screen.
This system allows the athletes to see the execution of their manoeuvre inside a 3 seconds delay.
With the slow-motion option, it is an excellent correction tool.


This style of airbag is the latest in airbag technology and is at the forefront of safe action sports progression. There are currently only three other Landing Bags in North America, making access to these training tools extremely exclusive. 

The Landing Bag is a sloped airbag that helps skiers learn new tricks in a safer environment. The Landing Bag simulates the shape of the slope and enables athletes to practice landing on a downhill gradient- similar to the downhill landing of a jump.

This camp aims to prepare athletes pre-season so that they are able to take their tricks to snow early in the 2018/2019 season. This is the most realistic environment to learn and prefect manoeuvres before taking them to snow.

For more information or to book onto this camp please contact Chris Mavin (CAFSC Head Coach) at phone 250-341-2386.

*Price is subject to change depending on flight availability
** There must be a full group of six athletes per group for the camp to run. Any groups with less than six will not run. Bookings are done on a first come first serve basis.
All prices are in Canadian Dollars

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